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Links of Interest

Lots of links with information, that we hope you'll find useful. Please advise the webmaster, using the link on the contact page, if you find any of the links are broken, so that we can correct the page.

1. Society Members Sites:
a. Carlos Soares wonderful Petroleum exhibit can be seen here:

2. For really good information about exhibiting:

3. Good source for Perfins:

4. A few very cool Petroleum sites:
The American Oil & Gas Historical Society
Azerbaijan's Petroleum Stamps by Hugo Vargas and Shirin Bazleh
Glossary of selected oil and gas industry terms
Maritime topics on stamps: Tankers
Oil History by Samuel T. Pees
The Petroleum History Society of Canada
The history of Chevron

5. Some general philatelic sites:
The American Philatelic Society
The American Topical Association
Lee's Stamp Listopedia Illustrated
Linn's Stamp News
Virtual Stamp
Portal da filatelia Temática
The Universal Postal Union (UPU)
Stamporama - the stamp club for people who love stamps
The Barnet and District Philatelic Society
The Enfield Philatelic Society
The Philatelic Database
The Universal Postal Union Catalogue This useful reference known as the WADP Numbering System, lists a lot of the stamps issued since 2002, it's particularly useful to check for genuine issues.
Stamp Forgeries of the World This really useful site lists and illustrates very many stamp forgeries, it is therefore perfect for determining if your stamps are genuine or bogus. Morten Munck, who runs it, will also appreciate receiving information on items that should be added to his listing.

some stamps

6. Some sites of particular interest to REVENUE collectors: This is not only a catalogue, but an excellent source of information about revenue stamps. Andrew McClellan's site covers the Middle East and various other areas. It gives a great deal of useful information on the revenue issues of the countries covered. The leading supplier of revenue stamps in the UK, who publishes a justifiably famous, series of worldwide revenue catalogues The leading supplier of revenue stamps in the USA, has an excellent website, concentrating on US material Mats Blückert's website has comprehensive coverage of Romanian stamps, both postage and revenue issues The Society for anyone interested in US State Revenues, publishers of the State Revenue Catalogue The UK Society for anyone interested in Revenues E. S. van Dam Ltd, Revenue dealer and editor & publisher of the Canadian Revenue Stamp Catalogue

7. Some tools for philatelists:
Flags of the World
The CIA's World Factbook
The United Nations Geospatial Information Service
The University of Texas Library - fantastic online map collection
Summary reconstruction of postage stamp color names
Sandafayre's stamp atlas giving information on al stamp issuing territories

8. Some online catalogues for you to use: World stamp catalogue
Stamp World's World Stamp Catalogue Claims to be the largest world catalogue Russia Catalogue
Rusmarka Russia Catalogue of new issues of stamps and stationery Romania Catalogue Another world stamp catalogue

9. Some sites that may be useful for your research:
1959 Aug 24 Titusville Herald - Titusville PA Time Capsuled
Free patents on line - links to A D Reichle et al Isomerization process
Philately stamp store Bangladesh - rubber handstamps on Pakistan Stamps collection
The Drake well museum and park
Ships on Stamps unit of ATA
Wikipedia's list of worldwide oil and gas museums
Answers in Genesis: The origin of oil
A photo album of historical oil images
An index of early petroleum history sites
The Antonius Ra Collection The largest world wide stamp collection with over 300 countries to view on line

10. Some auction sites that may be of interest:
Kelleher Auctions
Ebid USA site
H. R. Harmer Fine Stamp Auctions
Philasearch Auctions: Stamps, Postcards and Covers
Sandafayre Auctions and Stamps for Sale
The Stamp Auction Network
Vance Auctions (and buy it now items)

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