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The society has members throughout the world. Many of our members are, or have been, involved in the oil or gas industries but this is by no means a requirement, and we welcome new members from all walks of life.

The PPSI is a study unit of the American Topical Association and is Affiliate 170 of the American Philatelic Society.

We extend a warm welcome to new members so if you would like to join the society, please complete the membership form, which you can find on our contact page.

Our quarterly journal, The Petro-Philatelist, is full of articles of interest to petro-stamp collectors. It is produced as a digital magazine, but it's easy to print copies if you prefer a paper issue. Updates to our catalogue, Petroleum Stamps of the World are fully detailed in the Petro-Philatelist. In addition, many of the latest relevant stamp issues are included on our social media pages (see below) as soon as we become aware of them. For your convenience, the Facebook feed is now included on this page.

To join the Society there is a fee of US$15, but other than this, we are not presently charging any subscription for membership, although, as noted below, a single payment is required for access to our catalogue, "Petroleum Stamps of the World".

This is a complete online catalogue of world petroleum stamps, for which we charge a one off payment of US$25, for access. The fully illustrated catalogue, is now in its 9th edition, having first been published some 40 years ago, in the early days of the Society. The catalogue is frequently updated, both to include any new stamps found to be petroleum related, and to add any additional information on existing stamps. Downloads are also available so that members can print their own copies of the catalogue.

To illustrate the coverage of Petroleum Stamps of the World, you can see our coverage of the petroleum related stamps issued by Canada, by clicking here.

Canada listing
Petroleum Stamps of the World: Canada List

As well as items, including world postal museums, and a walk around London gas lights, you'll find details of the Society organisation, and our history, on the Features page.

Society News

Our President, Tony Curiale, recently produced an award winning exhibit of oil related stamps. This presents an excellent introduction to the oil industry, and illustrates the extent of our branch of the hobby of philately. You can view the presentation here. Note that this is a PDF file so you'll need to have Adobe Acrobat installed on the computer to view the file.

There's a new item in our "Features" section. This gives full details of a walk around central London to look at some of the 1,500 gas lights that are still in use. It highlights the sites you'll see during the walk, and where possible is illustrated using relevant stamps. You'll also visit the site of the first London gas works, and the location of the first street gas lighting anywhere, during the walk. Click here for the description, which you can easily print, to take with you!

We publish our news on our social media pages. You can find the most up to date information on any new issues of interest here. You can also comment and detail any new issues you find, that may be of interest to our members.

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To make things really easy, you'll find a feed of our Facebook page, at the top of this page, and this allows you to comment, like and share, if you wish to do so. There's no need to log in to the social media sites to view our information, for example, about new issues, but you might need to log-in, if you want to comment. The information given on all of them is similar, so you really only need to use one!

The Postal Museum in London is the only Postal Museum in the world to feature a ride on anything like "Mail Rail". Mail Rail is an underground narrow gauge railway that connected various post offices across London. The railway was mothballed some years ago, but part has now been bought back into use for an interactive ride. Go to: postalmuseum for full details of the museum, including its opening times.

For a personal view on this and some other postal museums, in France, India, and Italy please click here!

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